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Concrete, Epoxy and PU floors succumb to constant wear and tear caused due to various activities in a manufacturing plant. Thus, frequent repair and maintenance activities are needed causing downtime and draining significant time and money.

Odus treatment provides the ideal surface for a manufacturing plant’s floor. It gives a dustless, slip-free and durable floor that needs very few resources for maintenance. Odus makes a floor insensitive to moisture and resistant to damage from forklifts and MHE vehicles. It even protects the floor against brutal operations like welding. While coatings like Epoxy and PU peel off because of moisture, oil, or grease on the floor, Odus keeps standing strong in the most unfavorable environments too!

Forklifts and MHEs love Odus

  • Creates a flat non-bumpy surface for the operation of fork-lifts and MHEs
  • Reduces tire-wear
  • Reduces MHE maintenance cost
  • Non-slippery and approved for occupational safety
  • Improves the life of fork-lifts and MHEs by upto 40%

Ideal For:

F&B manufacturing plant
FMCG manufacturing plant
Electronics manufacturing plant
Textile plants
Healthcare factories
FMCD manufacturing plant
Pharma Companies

Advantages of Odus Flooring in a manufacturing plant

  • Stops dust emission from the floor
  • Increased floor life to 10+ years
  • Flat non-bumpy surface to enhance operational productivity
  • Non-slippery and approved for occupational safety
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Protection against cracks and pits
  • Needs fewer resources for maintenance
  • Improved resistance to damage from forklifts
  • Insensitive to damage from moisture, oil and Greece
  • Protects against damage from hot-welding
  • Reduced repair and maintenance of MHE vehicles
  • Reduced tire-wear
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Repair and Maintenance of old Factory Floors

In an already operational plant, repair and maintenance keep getting delayed as companies cannot afford to stop work. Even a single day of downtime leads to substantial production loss. Odus Treatment can be implemented in an already operational factory without stopping work.

Read how we transformed a 30-year-old floor for LG electronics.

Companies Using Our Solutions
P&G, Reliance Industries, Hershey, and LG trust us for their plant flooring.

Save upto 50% on flooring maintenance costs

Companies are saving thousands of rupees per day with our solutions

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