Our Story

Since our start in 2016, it has been an exciting journey for everyone in Rezovate. Here are some of the milestones and memorable moments from our story of growth.

How we started:

In 2016, we started as “Brick and Mortar Constructions” with a vision to bring innovation and speed to the Construction Industry. With Technology and professionalism as our prime differentiators in the construction industry, we completed several industrial projects.

In 2018, while working in a Transformer Casing factory, we got stuck on the flooring selection. We failed to find a flooring solution that was - Abrasion Resistant, Dust Free, and Long Lasting. In the process, we understood that flooring is a huge problem that is hindering operational excellence in the manufacturing sector.

We decided to focus on this problem statement and developed Odus Flooring, with a vision to bring operational excellence in the manufacturing sector. We rebranded ourselves as - Rezovate Constructions combining Renovate + Zen (meaning Peace).

Humble Beginnings:

Finding early adopters for Odus was a challenge - as companies found it risky to trust a completely new solution.

Our team solved this problem by making samples in the busiest areas of their plants/ warehouses. We spent the first 18 months - creating and testing floor samples.

After extensively testing Odus for up to 6-12 months, most of the companies where we did samples, became our clients! This list includes companies like - LG, Eicher, Yanjan, and Vardhman Textiles.

Heading towards Growth with strong values

With innovative products and a strong focus on value addition to our clients, we have grown substantially in the past few years. Today, we are trusted by 20+ companies like L&T Constructions, P&G, Reliance Industries, Hershey etc. And have treated more than 3 Lac Sq Ft of the floor in 5+ cities in India.

The main reason for our growth is a passionate team driven by a strong vision and grounded by values.

Save upto 50% on flooring maintenance costs

Companies are saving thousands of rupees per day with our solutions

About Rezovate

Rezovate Constructions is a technology-focussed industry maintenance solution provider. Our engineers are expert in durable and robust renovation techniques for Industries and Warehouses. We make maintenance of industries hassle-free so that they can focus on the things that yield highest profit instead of wasting time and energy on inferior solutions that rarely work.

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