Concrete Furniture

Our broad range of concrete furniture allows creative freedom for architects to experiment with minimalistic and curvy designs of concrete furniture rather than limiting it to the traditional bulky and straight designs.
The bold yet subtle nature of our concrete furniture has been appealing to everyone – Architects, Interior Designers and Home Owners.

We take pride in innovating the category of concrete furniture and creating appealing designs.

The largest variety of color shades in India

Our range of concrete furniture comes in 30+ shades to suit various interior and landscaping themes

At Rezovate, our philosophy is to make furniture that looks the same on its 1st and 1500th day. Every piece of furniture we make in Rezovate is hugged in a protective membrane to make it long-lasting and durable.

Advantages of Rezovate’s concrete furniture:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch Resistant

  • Insensitive to hot and cold liquids
  • Moisture protection
  • Weather Proof
  • Sun Proof
  • Long-lasting color – in interiors and exteriors

Rezovate concrete furniture needs fewer resources for maintenance and is thus ideal for a broad variety of sites.

Our furniture can be used for:

  • Landscaping Projects
  • Home Interiors
  • Office Interiors
  • Public Spaces
  • Basements and Parking
  • Parks and Gardens

Some of the furniture that we make:

  • Concrete Benches
  • Concrete Circular Benches
  • Colored Concrete Pathways
  • Concrete Table Tops
  • Concrete Counter Tops
  • Concrete Tiles for Gardens

For Architects and
Interior Designers:

We work with 50+ architects and interior designers across India for their corporate, industrial and residential projects. We would love to partner with you to bring your concepts to reality.
For Landscaping

The availability of vivid color options and the durable nature of Rezovate’s furniture make it the ideal choice for any landscaping project. The fine membrane on our furniture surface makes it resistant to moisture and fluctuating temperature. The special color lock technology doesn’t allow the color to fade with time. Partner with us for your landscaping projects.

Save upto 50% on flooring maintenance costs

Companies are saving thousands of rupees per day with our solutions

About Rezovate

Rezovate Constructions is a technology-focussed industry maintenance solution provider. Our engineers are expert in durable and robust renovation techniques for Industries and Warehouses. We make maintenance of industries hassle-free so that they can focus on the things that yield highest profit instead of wasting time and energy on inferior solutions that rarely work.

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